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The Three Mariners Scarborough
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The Three Mariners
Quay Street,
This is probably the oldest house in Scarborough
having been built in the fourteenth century. It is
also said to be the oldest Public house in the
town. I was used as a show house / Museum
from about 1918 until the 1990's when it fell into
a bad state of repair and was closed and sold.
We have spent the last 8 or 9 years renovating
and turning it into a wonderful 3 bed roomed
It is now on the market.
The timber framed building was constructed on the beach in the harbour we
think about 1350. The wooden frame that can be seen on the gable end of the
building is numbered 5. There is a frame in the centre numbered 6 and the one at
the other end number 7. This means that the original building was at least three
times the size.