Welcome to my web site
Kennedy Antiques &The Arts Workshops
Antique Dealer, Artist and Fine Art Picture Restorer
I am always interested in buying any old oil paintings that are damaged and in need
of repair please us my contact form
A little about Ken Wood
Along with my wife Angie we run the ARTS WORKSHOPS. This is
situated in the little road that runs down to The back of the Crown Spa
Hotel.  Here there are regular exhibitions, classes and workshops. I paint my
own work and restore antique Paintings. Also put on exhibitions of other
artists work. We often have drawing sessions with models in costume.
Angie teaches Tai Chi classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Our Background is mainly retail and over the last 40 years have had many
Gift shops in both Scarborough and Whitby including North Bay
Photographic at Peasholm, Best of Both Worlds on Vernon Road and
Gilftology on Westborough. We also had several restaurants in Scarborough.

A little personal history
Born in Perth Scotland to Scottish parents Jim and Ella. My father was a
Head chef and my mother his cook. I was brought up in a variety of hotels
and moved around Scotland for the first 14 years of my life. Jan 1965 we
moved to Scarborough where my parents bought their own hotel. I bought my
first antique when I was about 10 and by the time I was 12  I washed the
windows and swept the floors of two small antique shops in Aberdeen
buying such things as whales teeth, old cameras and coins. When We moved
to Scarborough I looked after a little antique shop belonging to a friend of
my father. At 15 I was advertising in the local paper for silver and was
going to people's houses buying silver spill pots and cruet sets. I have not
stopped since. Always interested in painting and art at the age of 17, I went
to Scarborough Art School and then on as an apprentice at a large printing
works. I now use these skills restoring old oil paintings for the trade. I also
buy and sell works of art of all kinds.I still paint and try, when I can, to get
out with my paints and paint the local countryside ( which is wonderful here
in Yorkshire.)